And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee

wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. II Timothy 3:15

Our goal is to provide a safe and warm environment that will benefit the entire family during Sunday School and Worship Services. Each child is a unique gift from God, and we strongly advocate an atmosphere of loving, caring, and sharing. We recognize that parents and family are the most important influences in any child’s life, and we want to partner with you in reinforcing spiritual truths. We will model simple prayer, worship through music, and learning from the Bible. 

Nursery Schedule

Sunday Morning

First Service - 8:30 am

Sunday School - 9:45 am

Second Service - 11:00 am

(No Sunday evening services) 

Wednesday Evenings 

Moving Toward Maturity (Bible study) - 7:00 pm

When You Arrive

Our Nursery Staff will assist you signing in your child and receiving a numbered badge assigned to your child. The badge will allow you to enter the nursery at anytime throughout the service and to pick up your child. If you are needed during the service, your child’s number will appear on the lighted display located in the front of the sanctuary. You may also elect to be contacted via cell phone if you will be somewhere other than the sanctuary. 


If your child shows any signs of illness, please be thoughtful of others and do not bring him/her into the nursery area.


•Please label diaper bags, pacifiers, bottles, or sippy cups with permanent marker or tape. 

•Please pack an extra set of clothing, diapers or training pants, and child’s favorite item in diaper bag. 

•Please alert nursery workers of any allergies or aversions your child may have.